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Fiderma offers a range of adjuvant products for dermatological treatment and products for innovative daily treatment.

In order to guarantee the greatest dermatological safety, Fiderma Products contain only ingredients that are strictly necessary and active ingredients carefully dosed to improve the skin’s tolerance and help it be less reactive. Prescribed by dermatologists, Fiderma products offer authentic, ethical and effective skincare solutions.

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Cleansing Gel

Spots Fiderma Depigmenting Cleansing Gel

is a specific cleansing gel for..

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Spf 50+ Body Milk

Protection Fiderma Spf 50+ Body Milk

is a very high protection..

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Cleansing Gel

Skin Fiderma Cleansing Gel

is particularly suitable for..

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Purifying Cleansing Gel

Prone Skin Fiderma Purifying Cleansing Gel

is a targeted soft foaming gel..

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From Nature To Research For Skin Care

From fusion of science and nature....from Swiss quality and French experience, FIDERMA Laboratories born.

FIDERMA Laboratories develops all its products through biological research in excellent laboratories R&D in Switzerland and France,skilled in formulating dermatological products with active and natural ingredients.

Each FIDERMA product treats, at the same time, the skin problem and its symptoms.Fiderma products  have a priority target: restore skin natural balance.

FIDERMA dermocosmetic products  intended for medical prescription and medicinal consultancy.

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